Social Events

Without a doubt, the Canoe Club is one of he most sociable clubs you could join and its a fantastic way to make new friends!!!

We go out EVERY Tuesday night after our pool sessions, where we can usually be found downstairs in the students union in the Bunatee.

As well as our regular Tuesday night drinking sessions, over the year we organise a range of social events designed to get everyone mixing, chatting and drinking! Canoe Club nights out are notariously good craic!

Here's a taste of the sort of events we run:

Freshers Pub Crawl

Get to know everyone and get to know some of the hotspots in Belfast and remember nothing!

Intersports Night

Get to meet and play against some of the other Queen's Clubs then head up to the Dub for food and a quiz then out!

Christmas Formal

Get all dressed up, have a yummy meal and then let the hair down and party!

St Patricks Day Festival

Help introduce new people to canoeing in the pool then get up to all sorts of random antics! This year about 15 of members ended up doing a midnight hike in the middle of nowhere to end up camping beside a waterfall, having a BBQ, sitting round the camp fire having the craic and swigging and waking up in the snow! Bliss!

Summer Formal

A BBQ and games up at Shaws Bridge followed by a Party!


To view photos from these nights, go to the photos sections of the website!